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Astro+ is an interdisciplinary project that integrates the skills of several Astrophysicists and Computer Scientists to implement machine learning and Big Data in the design, construction and exploitation of the largest database of high-mass stars.

In recent years, we have gathered a huge sample of high-quality spectra of high-mass stars, whose scientific exploitation has barely begun.


The aim of this project is to provide us with the tools that will transform this database into a web portal accessible initially to our collaborators and finally to the entire scientific community. At the same time, we will explore the use of the most current techniques in massive data analysis to carry out the scientific exploitation of this database, while working in parallel on the scientific exploitation with more conventional techniques. 

Thanks to the tools we are developing and the experience we have accumulated, we will be in an extremely advantageous position to take advantage of the enormous amounts of stellar spectra that several large European projects, in all of which we are involved, are going to provide over the next five years.

Visit our web application to find out more about the tools available.